For a Socialist Welsh Republic!

Valleys Underground are a Marxist organization advocating a Socialist Welsh Republic through community action.

Though based in the South Wales Valleys, we are an all Wales organization. If you’re interested, why not contact us about joining?

About Us

The Ten Point Programme

What does Valleys Underground believe in?

Our guiding beliefs are best summarized in our Ten Point Programme, which details what we want to see in Wales, and why we believe it.

Read the Ten Point Programme below

Recent Articles

  • Vilma Espín – Student Activist to World Builder
    Vilma Espín, born April 7th, 1930, the Cuban Revolutionary whilst studying chemical engineering in her home country, she got involved in the student activist movement – organising a resistance to the 1952 coup led by Fulgencio Batista that put a stop to the then left-wing party from winning the election in Cuba. The turbulence and […]
  • Book review: Wretched of the Earth – Franz Fanon
    Franz Fanon’s 1961 revolutionary classic offers a searing insight into the effects of colonial violence and the necessity of reciprocating this force to achieve liberation.  Born to a middle-class family in the Caribbean French colony of Martinique, by the time he wrote this magnum opus he had joined the Algerian National Liberation Front as a […]
  • Book Review: ‘Kill Anything That Moves’
    ‘We shoot the sick, the young, the lameWe do our best to kill and maimBecause the kills all count the same,Napalm sticks to kids. Ox cart rolling down the road,Peasants with a heavy load,They’re all VC when the bombs explode,Napalm sticks to kids.‘ (Song popularized by the GIs of the First US Air Cavalry in […]


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’ – Malcolm X

‘Without Revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement’ – Vladimir Lenin

Education is crucial to building up Socialism in Wales. Education should also be free, so here is a list of key-works to read, all in PDF format ready to download.

Please let us know if any links are broken, or if you’d like to make any suggestions to the list (

We will be expanding this list over time, so keep an eye out for new additions.








Every three weeks, come have a virtual drink with us on Zoom, as we discuss the books ‘they’ don’t want you to read!

Free PDF copy provided.

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