Author: Valleys Underground Committee

Socialism for the Welsh People (1979)

Written just over forty years ago, Miles and Griffith’s work remains shockingly relevant to today’s politics. Whilst our manifesto covers some of the most basic, current points regarding how an Independent Wales and a Socialist Wales could walk hand in hand,  ‘Socialism for the Welsh People’ still remains the base-text for all Welsh Socialist Republicans.

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Launch of the Valleys Underground Movement

We are proud, after months of organizing and planning, to announce the launch of the Valleys Underground Movement, a non-party affiliated community organisation advocating: Welsh Independence Socialism Direct Community action   The needs for Socialism in Wales Almost a quarter of people in Wales live in poverty. Valleys Underground promotes a truly Socialist Wales, and one

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Valleys Underground campaign to restore Wales’ oldest Synagogue (Merthyr Tydfil)

Abandoned for nearly two decades, left to rot among the weeds, Merthyr Tydfil’s historic Jewish Synagogue has been left a ghost of its former past. From smashed windows from years of vandalism, to the gorgeous steps where Merthyr’s Jewish congregation would gather buried under fly-tipped rubbish, the Synagogue is in a sorry, lamentable state. Whilst

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