1. Valleys Underground is a Marxist organisation with a focus on Socialism, Welsh Independence, and Direct Community Action.
  2. Valleys Underground is an internationalist and therefore anti-imperialist organisation standing in solidarity with the oppressed working people all over the world.  

Aims and objectives

  1. Valleys Underground aim at mobilizing, educating and organizing people across South Wales in the construction of Socialism i.e a social, economic and cultural system wherein the means of production, distribution and exchange are publicly owned and utilised for the benefit of the people.
  2. Valleys Underground campaign against capitalism across a wide plethora of issues (such as housing, equality for women, the LGBTQ+ community, imperialism, trade unions, amongst others)
  3. Valleys Underground will practice the Socialism we seek to construct i.e democratic centralism,
  4. Valleys Underground will align itself to progressive struggles abroad with organizations committed to objectives and analysis similar to ours.
  5. Valleys Underground do not endorse any parties in Wales.


  1. Valleys Underground is a voluntary organisation of activists and politically conscious people dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism and the construction of a Socialist, independent Wales.
  2. Valleys Underground’s outlook is class-based. It advocates workers and students as being the principle architects of their future.
  3. Decisions within Valleys Underground will be taken through the process of ‘democratic centralism’ which means:
    1. Maximum participation, input and involvement of the membership (regular meetings, consultations, debates)
    2. Freedom of criticism of the movement without fear of reprisal
    3. Unity of thought wherein members must come to definitive concrete solutions
    4. Unity of action wherein members must carry out majority decisions agreed upon by the relative elected body are followed up by all Valleys Underground members, irrespective of personal disagreements with said decision.
  4. Through standing behind a programme and uniting together through the principles of ‘democratic centralism’, we will show maximum efficiency and discipline in the promotion of our aims – a Socialist Republic of Wales.


  1. Valleys Underground is organized at the moment by:
    1. The Executive Committee (elected every two years), comprises a General Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Officer, Online Officer, Education Officer, and other officers decided by the membership.
  2. The Executive Committee endorses, amends or drafts the Valleys Underground programme of activity with rigurous membership consultation, as well as the constitution.
  3. All decisions taken by the Committee are binding.
  4. The Executive Committee will be elected every two years, unless a Committee member should leave, in which case the membership can vote for their replacement. A member can also be replaced by vote of the membership (over 50%).
  5. Draft amendments, materials and other materials shall be supplied within a reasonable period before the membership assembles to vote, so the maximum amount of input is available.


  1. Membership of Valleys Underground is free and open to all people who accept out constitution and programme, and commit to working towards the programme. Members are asked to re-register annually to ensure membership is kept to up to date.
  2. Every member will have the right to membership of the trade union of their choice.
  3. The duties of membership shall include:
    1. Playing an active part in the development of the Valleys Underground programme and organisation.
    2. Reading, contributing and assisting in the distribution of Valleys Underground publications, statements etc.
    3. Playing an active part in the working class movement is it through a trade union, self-organised community group, tenants and residents associations, civil rights organs and other mass organisations of the working class.

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